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  • Manage your factory processes
    efficiently, reduce costs, optimize your
    production, and increase your revenue.

    Modules Pre and post-sales commercial activities

    Integration with 3D design, customer management, quotes, sales funnel, architects, partners, negotiation analysis, environment revisions and contracts, sales profitability, and more.


    Customize tasks and rules of your process and control all stages through Kanban, from the first customer contact to the delivery of installed furniture. Agenda Real-time visualization of the schedule for all employees and departments of your store.

    Financial and Fiscal Automated

    financial management for sales contracts and purchase orders. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed expenses entry, cash flow, commissions, chart of accounts, cost centers, income statement, electronic invoices (NF-e and NF-s), and more.

    Inventory and Purchasing

    Inventory management for loose furniture and various products with measurement and finishing variations. Supplier registration, purchase forecasts and orders, lead time, order tracking, inventory generation, ABC analysis, and more.


    Create batches, production orders, and reports based on the project and sales order, controlling material purchases and stock requisitions.

    Delivery and Assembly

    Complete management of deliveries and installations. Control of own vehicles and carriers, in-house and outsourced assembly teams, commissions, delivery and assembly forms, and more.

    Integrated Task Calendar

    Manage the schedule of employees, departments, and the entire process. Never miss deadlines or leave your clients without a response. Identify tasks that make the process more time-consuming and reduce the delivery time.

    Technical Assistance

    Control of internal and customer technical assistance. Track progress and status of each service call, whether under warranty or requiring a quote.


    Efficient reports that assist you in decision-making.

    Solutions of
    Pontta a Pontta

    A complete ERP that understands your business.
    For Factories and Industries

    Pontta ERP is a software designed exclusively for the furniture industry. It has been tailor-made based on all the processes of the furniture chain, from the factory to the store.

    It is the best option for your company to optimize sales and production processes, reduce operational costs, and control purchasing, inventory, administrative, financial, and fiscal departments.

    You can also rely on the production module, which generates information for cutting, drilling, machining, and raw materials, including integration with CNC machines. It is a comprehensive ERP that understands your business.

    Does your company operate in any of the following segments?
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    Factory/Store of Custom Furniture
    Factory/Store of Modular Furniture
    Factory/Store of Office Furniture
    Factory/Store of Customized Furniture
    Factory/Store of Individual Furniture Pieces
    Service Centers
    Factory/Store of Serial Furniture
    Factory/Store of Upholstered Furniture
    Door Manufacturers

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    Know How

    Know How

    We are experts in the furniture industry and understand your business. Our software was developed specifically for the furniture sector, making it the most comprehensive in its category.



    During the implementation process, we offer cost-free consultancy focused on your store's processes and business policies.

    Humanized Implementation

    Humanized Implementation

    Our implementation process is fully personalized, with our consultants accompanying you from start to finish, enhancing the usability of the software.



    Enhance your team's efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sales by replacing manual processes with automated ones.

    Quality Management

    Quality Management

    With Pontta Store, you will have full control of your store, negotiations, customers and partners.

    Grow and increase sales

    Grow and increase sales

    With the optimization of processes, automation and control of the store, you will be ready to serve more customers and increase sales.

    Choose the ideal plan for your
    furniture factory or industries

    Plus Plan

    monthly fee upon request
    + system setup fee (Implementation and training)
    Includes 15 users and 1 fiscal unit

    For Medium-sized Carpentry Shops and Furniture Factories

    Enterprise Plan

    monthly fee upon request
    + system setup fee (Implementation and training)
    Includes 20 users and 1 fiscal unit

    For Furniture Factories and Large Industries

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