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    Founded in 2004, Pontta is a technology company that brings the best solutions for comprehensive management of furniture factories, custom furniture stores, loose furniture stores, upholstery stores, mattress and decoration stores, and carpentry shops of all sizes.

    We have the best and most efficient technology in the market, catering to all processes of your business, and we have a specialized team to ensure successful implementation, full system usability, and business consultancy

    Simplify the management of your business with an intelligent solution developed exclusively for the furniture industry.

    We serve the entire national territory, and our offices are located in São Paulo, Goiânia, Brasília, and Caxias do Sul.

    Abouta Pontta

    Our Culture

    Corporations are made up of people.

    Our company was built and consolidated by people, and we interact with our customers, providing them an incredible journey by our side. Our culture is focused on the well-being of everyone, and we believe in and act upon the pursuit of better quality and productivity in each person’s work, resulting in a competitive advantage for the entire chain.

    In practice, focusing on people brings competitive advantages through solution acceptance, engagement, and referrals.

    It means prioritizing usability, accessibility, routine automations, humanized support, on-site implementation with the mapping and modeling of each customer’s processes.


    To make the lives of people using our solutions easier through technology, innovation, and intelligence.


    To be the leading technology and innovation company for wood transformation industries worldwide.


    Transparency, responsibility, honesty, and resilience.


    Always providing detailed information on how, where, and why.


    Maintaining confidentiality of information, being accountable to the company and customers.


    Being truthful about quality, goals of the group, and partnerships.


    It is an ongoing process that never ends, so never give up.

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